Miramar Beach Healthy Lunch Restaurants

Welcome to Just Love Coffee Cafe, where we’re more than just a friendly neighborhood coffee shop — we proudly serve as one of the leading Miramar Beach healthy lunch restaurants.

Finding good, honest, clean food can be difficult, especially when most restaurants emphasize fast food and massive portions. At Just Love, we’re different. We want you to fuel your tank with food that tastes great and will sustain you throughout the day.

As one of the premier healthy lunch places in Miramar Beach FL, we cover all of your lunch needs.

  • A varied menu that caters to every taste and dietary restrictions. We’re confident that you will find something that you can eat, and also love, when you dine with Just Love. Our lunch/dinner menu features everything from a Jive Turkey Wrap and a Roast Beef and Cheddar Melt to steel-cut oatmeal and Grilled Chicken Caprese Salad. It’s one of the best varieties amongst healthy lunch restaurants in Miramar Beach FL.
  • Online ordering for your added convenience. We would love for you to dine in with us, but we know your work or vacation schedule is a busy one. Instead of sitting around at Miramar Beach healthy lunch places, you need to keep moving. That’s why Just Love allows you to place your order online. When you come by to visit, we’ll have it ready for you.
  • We offer catering. Looking to bring our great food to a party or business meeting? You can now get catering from one of the leading Miramar Beach healthy lunch restaurants! We’ll handle everything — you can focus on enjoying the food!

As one of the more unique healthy lunch places in Miramar Beach FL, Just Love is focused on, not only providing superior food and beverages but supporting the community that has supported us. This happens through helping organizations with fundraising or even donating a portion of our own profits to worthy local causes.

Dine at one of the leading Miramar Beach healthy lunch restaurants and make a difference in the community at the same time, by paying a visit to Just Love Coffee Cafe.