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Meet Our Local Owner

Opening a Just Love Coffee franchise in Douglas County was more than just a business decision for me; it was a deeply personal journey fueled by a desire to create a lasting legacy for my family. With over three decades of experience in corporate accounting, taxes, and payroll, I had reached a point in my life where the pursuit of something more meaningful became imperative. The catalyst for this significant shift was the realization that I wanted to leave behind something of value for my three adult children and their growing families, which have since expanded from five to seven grandchildren. This desire for legacy led me down the path of franchising, a venture that began amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic in 2020. Despite the challenges, my determination to build something enduring, a testament to resilience and love, has only strengthened.

The choice of Just Love Coffee as the franchise to bring to Douglas County was influenced by my personal values and the essence of the community I’ve grown to love. Having called this place home for over a decade, I’ve always felt its perfect balance of welcoming warmth and vibrant activity. My earlier venture, Painting with a Twist, was driven by a similar motivation to enrich the community with more engaging activities. However, the mission of Just Love Coffee, to serve as a catalyst for love, resonated with me on a deeper level. It was the perfect opportunity to create a space where people could gather, share stories, and feel a sense of belonging. My vision for Just Love Coffee extends beyond just serving coffee; it’s about fostering a community hub where love, in its many forms, is always brewing.

As Just Love Coffee becomes more integrated into the fabric of Douglas County, my hope is that it will not only be seen as a place to enjoy great coffee but also as a beacon of community and love. This franchise embodies my passions for creating something meaningful, mentoring others, and contributing positively to the community. Through this endeavor, I aim to demonstrate that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and make a significant impact. As I continue to juggle my love for travel, home improvement projects, and coaching others, Just Love Coffee stands as a testament to my journey of building a legacy that will hopefully outlast me and become a cherished part of the community I hold dear.

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Planning a special event or gathering? Let Just Love Coffee Cafe - Tributary add a touch of love to your celebrations. Our exceptional catering services are designed to spread joy through delicious coffee and delectable waffle-ironed treats. No matter what your event in Douglasville, we’ll tailor our breakfast-inspired cafe menu to suit your preferences and ensure a memorable experience for your guests.

Treat them to a delightful journey of breakfast flavors, hand-roasted coffee, and heartwarming community vibes in GA.

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Jessie Tavares
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon

We literally “Just Love” this place! My kids always order the wakey wakey and personally I’ve ordered different menu items only to be impressed with everything. Can’t go wrong with breakfast, lunch, or even an early dinner here.

Katja Winn
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon

Just had theeee best iced caramel macchiato with almond milk. Absolutely delicious. Better than Starbucks and Dunkin hands down.

Susana Lessa
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon

The coffee is so delicious and the employees are so nice and polite. I fell like I’m home. It is a place to go with friends or family. Even alone, somebody from there will always smile to you. It is also getting better and better. ❤️

Kiandra McGhee
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon

Friendly and nice environment with polite staff. So many drink plus food choices, I usually order the breakfast taco and a caramel frappe. They even tweek the drinks by substituting ingredients if you don’t want it. I love going here, it’s quiet and has WiFi which is always great in my book… Keep up the good work!

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Just Love Coffee Cafe - Tributary

1851 Market Street #104-105
Douglasville, GA. 30135


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