Destin Healthy Lunch Restaurants

Are you looking for Destin healthy lunch restaurants that allow you to break away from the corporate chains that provide a sterile, impersonal experience? We invite you to experience the warmth and community that is available right here at Just Love Coffee Cafe.

As one of the leading healthy lunch places in Destin FL, we don’t just provide award-winning, hand-roasted coffee and a creative, varied menu of lunch items; we make sure that our customers know that they are in a local, community-focused business.

As your choice in healthy lunch restaurants in Destin FL, you can expect helpful, personal service from our staff and food that has been carefully prepared with a passion for what we do.

Just Love Coffee Cafe features a unique business model that is centered on supporting the community that supports us. This means that we use some of our profits to support local charities, organizations and causes so that we are able to make a difference in the lives of our fellow neighbors.

Experience the menu that makes Just Love one of the best Destin healthy lunch places

It can be difficult to find healthy food options in a restaurant, especially in a day and age where food is fast and the portions are gigantic. As one of the leading Destin healthy lunch restaurants, you will find that Just Love provides sensible portions and dishes for virtually any taste or dietary restrictions.

From our Classic Grilled Cheese and Jive Turkey Wrap to Avocado Toast and Chicken Salad, there is something delicious waiting for you.

Looking for a caterer for your next event or office lunch? Let us handle the everything while you enjoy the food and company.

Let us prove to you why our satisfied clients consider Just Love to be one of the hottest healthy lunch places in Destin FL!

Take time to sit down and enjoy a meaningful breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a cup of coffee with a friend or family member. Just Love Coffee Cafe is ready to host you as one of the premier Destin healthy lunch restaurants!