Destin Best Healthy Food Restaurants

If you’re like most health-conscious folks and find yourself asking “Where are some of the Destin best healthy restaurants near me?” then we invite you to browse our extensive menu available here at Just Love Coffee Cafe.

Known throughout many parts of the state for our hand-roasted coffee and abundance of other hot and cold coffee drinks and tea, Just Love is also home to an extensive menu that provides suitable options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a snack. We even offer catering.

We’re proud to serve as one of the leading healthy food places in Destin FL, providing food that…

  • Is fresh, healthy and delicious. It’s getting harder and harder for folks to find Destin healthy places to eat. So many restaurants emphasize speed at the expense of quality. Here at Just Love Coffee Cafe, we emphasize fresh, healthy ingredients that are carefully prepared for our customers.
  • meets a variety of tastes and dietary needs. If you’re one of the many area residents or visitors thinking “I’m looking for healthy restaurants near me in Destin FL that meet my dietary needs,” then you’re in luck. Just Love has worked to accommodate a wide range of customers. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant or on a specific diet, we’re confident you will find something you can eat, and enjoy, here!
  • makes a difference in our community. At Just Love, we believe that we’re here to be more than just one of the many Destin healthy food places around town. We strive to serve as a hub for engagement, where family, friends and neighbors can gather to connect. We also support our community through fundraising help and donations from our own profits to keep worthy causes going in our local community.

Whether you want to dive into one of our three different variations of waffles for breakfast or enjoy a delicious salad for dinner, we’re confident that you will find Just Love to be one of the best healthy food places in Destin FL!

“I’m looking for Destin best healthy restaurants near me with great coffee”

If this sounds like you, then Just Love is ready to pour you a cup. Thanks to our hand-roasted coffee, Just Love has been named a three-time Roaster of the Year finalist by Roast Magazine.

We have everything you’d expect from a premium coffee shop — drip coffee, cold brew, lattes, cappuccino, espresso, coffee shakes, tea and more. Grab a cup or pick up some of our hand-roasted coffee beans for your home.

Thank you for choosing Just Love Coffee Cafe

Whether you’re a long-time resident or visiting on vacation — if you’re thinking “Where can I find the best healthy restaurants near me in Destin FL?” then come on in to Just Love Coffee Cafe.

Our team is ready to provide you with great food and drinks and an even greater experience. If you’re thinking “I want to grab a bite at the Destin best healthy restaurants near me,” then Just Love Coffee Cafe is the place to be.